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Solitaire Rings


Moissanite Solitaire Rings

Surprise your partner with the most brilliant jewel in the world, give her a solitaire moissanite ring from Lady Lynsey jewellery designers. The magical brilliance of this moissanite stone bewitches and attracts incredible beauty. 

While diamonds have had almost a complete monopoly on solitaire rings since being referred to as engagement rings, they aren't the only option. Did you know that you could buy a larger stone with a moissanite solitaire ring than you would a diamond solitaire ring? Solitaire moissanite rings may be a perfect choice for an affordable diamond ring alternative. 

Moissanite stones actually have many benefits over diamonds and the price isn't the only benefit. Many moissanite reviews actually claim that they sparkle more than diamonds, and this has been found to be true. But, first, let's talk about what makes a ring sparkle. A stone's brilliance is used to describe how well it reflects white light. The more light it can reflect, the more it will sparkle. 

So, who rates higher on the brilliance refractive scale: moissanite vs diamonds:

Diamonds sit right around 2.42 while moissanite hits 2.65. While this may not seem like a huge difference, you'll be sure to notice it as her ring sparkles in even the dimmest rooms with a moissanite stone. 

How are Solitaire Rings made? 

Having our on-site workshop with some of the best-skilled jewellers in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery quarter. Lady Lynsey Moissanite Solitaire Rings are all hallmarked to legal requirements at Birmingham Assay Office. Whatever stone you choose, Round Brilliant, Square Brilliant, Cushion Cut, Emerald Cut, Marquise, Pear Shape, Trillion Cut or Heart Shaped

Our skilled craftsmen apply the same detail to it as a diamond solitaire would have. Each moissanite ring is hand set into the Solitaire Ring then carefully hand-polished before being packed in bespoke packaging. At Lady Lynsey our Solitaire collection is endless from 9ct yellow gold, 9ct white gold and 9ct Rose gold, 18ct white gold 18ct yellow gold and 18ct red gold. We also have platinum Solitaire Rings available to be designed.

Unique Solitaire Ring Designers In Birmingham, UK

Lady Lynsey are unique Moissanite Jewellery designers in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter and also in the UK. Why are our Moissanite stones unique to you ask? Moissanite has more brilliance and sparkle than any other gemstone. There is no better way to create and show off your unique Solitaire Ring. Our Solitaire collections range from a classic 4 claw Solitaire or an elaborate large halo engagement ring. Choose from various moissanite cuts we offer, from the classic round brilliant, the square brilliant, pear-shaped to the cushion cut and more.

Choose a Moissanite stone for your bespoke diamond ring

The most popular requests for bespoke jewellery we have are for bespoke Solitaires or bespoke eternity rings. From the Classic Solitaire ring to the elaborate Halo Solitaire Ring we can design a ring to suit both your tastes and pocket. From the initial design process to the hand-finishing by our expert craftsmen, we’ll help you to create a uniquely Moissanite ring that’s perfect in every way. 

No one knows your partner better than you do. That’s why we'll work with you to design a unique ring that perfectly reflects their personality and style. Perhaps you have a clear vision of the ring you want us to bring to life. Some of our clients even bring in pictures and sketches. This can be any design of a  Moissanite Solitaire or a Diamond Solitaire you have seen and want to make real. If you’re not sure about the design of the Moissanite ring you want, don’t worry, we’ll guide you through all the options. 

For your bespoke Solitaire Eternity Ring to celebrate your eternal love with a timeless creation. We can also create you the perfect eternity ring with ethical designs that radiate beauty and portray your beliefs. In addition to bespoke Solitaires and Eternity's, we can make bespoke wedding rings to carry the design of your Moissanite Solitaire. 

Choose Lady Lynsey for your Solitaire Ring

Custom made jewellery is trendy nowadays and for a variety of reasons. Lady Lynsey Jewellery Designers can design your own jewellery piece and have it created precisely how you want. 
With Lady Lynsey Jewellery you can choose from a vast amount of unique jewellery styles you never thought was affordable and with a moissanite stone, that dream comes true and with more sparkle and brilliance. Instead of buying a cheaper diamond ring, have the look you have always wanted with an affordable bespoke Solitaire Moissanite Ring.